This Privacy Statement governs Personal Information we collect from our customers, online users and data collected via cookies.


Please refer to your warranty statements and BT5's Return Policy for policies that apply to information contained on hard drives returned to BT5.


We can ask you to provide Personal Information when you contact us. We will use your information to provide you services, improve our service and sales infrastructure, improve our products, customize your products, redirect your information to third parties who can help you, prevent fraud, ensure compliance standards, and other procedures related with the transaction and communication between you and BT5 Technologies.


Your Personal Information will be stored in servers in the United States of America, or any other country where BT5 Technologies would have subsidiaries or authorized subcontractors.

Important Note: If you are under 13 years of age, please do not submit any personal information through our websites without the express consent and participation of a parent or guardian.


BT5 Technologies will update this Privacy Statement when there are new rules or methods that will protect your Personal Information in a better way. Please visit this Privacy Statement periodically to check for changes.

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